Private Label Innovation Show took place in Bucharest


BRCCI cooperated on the participation of Bulgarian companies in the event


On September 28th 2017, in the Ramada Nord hotel in Bucharest, Romania, the sixth edition of Private Label Innovation Show took place. An organizer of the exhibition was one of the partners and members of Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Modern Buyer. More than 160 companies from Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Bulgaria participated in the event. Two of BRCCI’s members presented themselves with their own stands – “UnibelNord” SRL and “Lactima” JSC. This is the first participation of Bulgarian companies in Private Label. Among the foreign participants were „Carrefour Romania”, „Kaufland Romania”, “Metro Romania”, “Nielsen”, “Döhler”, “Mega Image”, „Cora” and others.

The sixth edition of the exhibition was very successful. Among the discussed topics were market strategies of big retailers, trends in pricing, innovations, market positioning, variety of goods etc. The presenters, among which were Iulia Pencea from Nielsen, Milos Ryba from IGD, Tudor Popa from Kantar Retail and Daniela Jordanovsky from dm drogerie markt, talked about the market share of private labels, how important it is for retailers to invest in their products and packaging, since this would make their product special, unique for the market and that would bring loyalty from the customers to their brand.

It was discussed how the increase of the retailers’ standards of quality, as well as the innovation in their products, have also increased the added value of those products. Nevertheless, the expenses, which come with the manufacturing of high-quality products, should not be underestimated – expenses for advertising, market research, as well as the complexity of the manufacturing process, which is typical for every quality brand product. It is also important to see how a given brand complements the other brands, which the retailer sells. Development of a personal label must have a clear direction; the retailer must know why the clients are coming to his store. It’s obligatory for the long-term strategy of private label development to include innovation and it must work towards winning over the loyalty of the client.

The participant in the exhibition shared that the trend is for private labels to gradually increase their market share. A private label can make the retailer known not only on a local and national, but also on international level.

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