Over 1.1 million Romanian tourists were in Bulgaria last year

Almost 8.9 million tourists visited Bulgaria in 2017, according to data from the Ministry of Tourism. For comparison, 2016 saw a visit rate of 8.25 million people, ie an increase of about 7.6% on an annual basis. Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova believes it is quite possible that tourists in Bulgaria in 2018 will reach 10 million and said the increase in tourism revenue is even greater than the increase in the number of tourists, which means that Bulgaria is attracting more financially solvent visitors.

The statistics on the number of foreign tourists from different countries is interesting. The Greeks are the ones that visited Bulgaria the most last year – approximately 1.16 million tourists (an increase of 8.5% over last year). Second is Romania, which contributes about 1.14 million people to the tourist flow for Bulgaria (an increase of almost 4% on an annual basis). The Top Five list is rounded up by Germany, Turkey and Russia.

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