Orgachim AD is demerging to three companies

“Orgachim” AD is demerging to three companies – “Orgachim”AD and the two newly formed – “Ruse Chemicals”AD and “Orgachim Resins”AD. The decision was taken at an extraordinarily convoked general meeting of the shareholders on 16th August 2013.
“Ruse Chemicals”AD will be acting as a producer and supplier of anhydrides and plasticisers. Scope of activity for “Orgachim Resins”AD will be the production and distribution of resins and adhesives. “Orgachim”AD continues the production and distribution of pigments, paints, varnishes, dispersions.
The shareholders of the company – Whitebeam Holdings Ltd., Tidal Wave Trading Ltd., SC Policlor S.A. – keep their share in the newly formed companies.
The demerger is aimed to contribute for improving the management of the assets and for optimizing the corporate structure of the company. The product and functional diversification has reached such a level at which this step is necessary in order the rates of development to be kept.

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