Official holidays in Bulgaria and Romania in 2018

In 2018 there will be 9 official holidays in Bulgaria and because of them there will be 12 days off from work. Those days include January 1st (New Years), March 3rd (Liberation Day, the day off will be March 5th), April 8th (Easter, April 6th and 9th will be days off), May 1st (Worker’s Day), May 6th (Day of Saint George, the day off will be May 7th), May 24th (Day of Slavic writing and culture), September 6th (Unification Day), September 22th (Independence Day, the day off will be September 24th), December 25th (Christmas, the days off will be December 24th, 25th and 26th).

At the same time, Romania will have 10 official holidays and 11 days off work in 2018. Those days are January 1st (New Years Day), January 2nd (Day after New Years Day), January 24th (Unification of Principalities Wallachia and Moldavia), April 8th and 9th (Easter, the day off will be April 9th), May 1st (Worker’s Day), May 28th (Descent of the Holy Spirit), June 1st (Children’s Day), August 15th (St. Mary’s Day), November 30th (Feast of Saint Andrew), December 25th and 26th (Christmas).

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