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Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry announces that it offers paid information for companies with Romanian shareholding registered on the territory of Bulgaria. The information is extracted from the Commercial Register and is up-to-date for mid-2017. A selected sample can be prepared according to one or more of the following criteria – registered office (district, town), business activity code, capital, profit / loss, number of staff (for companies for which such data has been declared). The list of selected companies will contain all available data – contact information, registered capital, type of activity, financial data from the last published financial statements, number of employees, etc.

The price for a pre-selected list of companies is 9 euro per company. For BRCCI members – 6 euro per company. More discounts are possible for a sample of over 50 companies.

Information can also be provided on any number of companies without pre-selection, in which case the price is in accordance with the Chamber’s tariff – 4 euro per company (up to 20 companies, over this number – negotiable). For BRCCI members – 2 euro per company.

The companies with Romanian participation in Bulgaria in the middle of 2017 are 3909. Of these, 53.8% are from Ruse, followed by the districts: Sofia (16.59%), Varna (5.62%), Vidin (5%) and Dobrich (4.30%). Most of them are micro (1901) and small enterprises – 72, medium and large enterprises are 41.

The Chamber also has up-to-date information on the 500 Bulgarian companies with the highest export value for Romania, which is currently being systematized and processed. Once the information is ready, BRCCI will inform the companies about the terms of use of the available data.

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