New BRCCI member – Biokom Trendafilov LTD

“Biokom Trendafilov” Ltd. is an established leader in providing advanced and innovative solutions for safety and hygiene of raw materials, finished products and surfaces in the food industry, retailers, hotels, restaurants, catering companies; medical institutions; laboratories; cosmetics, pharmaceuticals; grain producers, processors of grain;farmers; veterinary sites.
Principled position, from which they are guided in their activities, is the protection of human health through safe production and distribution of quality food throughout the food chain – “from field to fork.”
The company is an exclusive representative of well-known global manufacturers of advanced scientific technology for microbiological and physico-chemical monitoring of food.
Furthermore, together with leading scientists and experts in the respective branch develop, their innovative products tailored to the needs of customers.

Safety tests of “Biokom Trendafilov” Ltd:

1. Give accurate results
2. Elementary for working
3. It is not required to have specialized training to work with them
4. Have a wide range of detection of antibiotics and inhibitors
5. Have option to archive results
6. Have the possibility of statistical treatment of results
7. Validated by all European standards
8. Reduce the costs of enterprise
9. Protect human health and the environment

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