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Navona International LTD is a East-European company for import and distribution of cosmetics. The central office is in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is an exclusive importer and distributor of Depilar System (USA), Revitalash (USA), Lycogel (Netherlands), Vitabrid C12 (Korea), Treets Tradiotions (Netherlands), Paperself (UK). The company is specialized in unique, quality and niche high-end products. Navona International’s commercial network includes beauty salons, SPA and medical centers, pharmacies, perfumeries like Douglas&BeautyZone and hotels in over 30 cities in Bulgaria.

Navona International is a young company with an ambition to open up new offices in neighboring countries (Romania, Serbia, Macedonia). In 2017 Navona International opened its own salon – Navona Health & Beauty Studio. It is the first cosmetics salon in Bulgaria, which offers online appointments, which can be made via a mobile application. See more at

Company name:              Navona International

                            Member of the Bulgarian National Organization of Cosmetics

Established on:          January 2010

Headquarters           Bulgaria, Sofia

Address:                      10BRikkardo Vakkarini” str.

                                      1404 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone                          (+359) 2 444 4598


Основен контакт:

Name:                             Gabriela Palaveeva-Rogers

Position:                         (Owner/Manager)


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