List of Services

In order to support our companies- members as well as all the others companies and organizations that are interested in doing business with Bulgaria and Romania, Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce provides a wide range of services in areas of information services, direct consulting, advertising, promotions, business meetings and Brokerage services.

Information services:
– An easy and quick access to commercial, marketing, customs, tax and other business related information for the Romanian and Bulgarian markets.
– An easy and quick access to the contact lists of BRCCI and provision of other important details related to the business in Bulgaria and Romania.
– Carrying out market research and analysis for particular sectors or sub-sectors of the economy as well as providing feasibility studies
– Provision of updated information on trade fairs and exhibitions in Bulgaria and Romania

Direct consulting and advising:
– Assistance in registration of local businesses, mixed companies, representative offices / branches and brands in Bulgaria and Romania.
– Assistance in finding suitable personnel.
-Direct marketing for finding business and trade partners
– Conducting business correspondence with Bulgarian and Romanian partners
– Arranging business meetings and private business visits, incl. translation from / to Bulgarian and Romanian
– Office services for business meetings (providing office and business meeting areas, equipment, communications and other office services)
– Provision of information on current tenders financed by European Union funds, incl. technical assistance in the preparation of tender documentation
– Professional translation and interpretation from and to Bulgarian and Romanian
– Providing information on potential business partners as well as their current financial status , credit reports and etc.

Advertising and promotion:
– Publication of business information, offers and advertisements on the website of BRCCI
– Assistance in the publication of presentations, offers and advertisements in Romanian / Bulgarian specialized press and media

Organization of business and cooperation events:
– Organization of commercial missions, cooperation events, visits and participation in fairs and exhibitions

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