Less than 1/5 of the online users in Bulgaria shop online

Bulgaria falls behind the EU if one takes into account the growth rates of internet trading. According to statistical data for 2016, less than 1/5 of the internet users in Bulgaria shop online. For comparison – for the same period, a little more than half of the EU users do the same thing. The majority is comprised of people below the age of 54.

If we have to compare users in different countries, who use the internet for shopping, Bulgarians still shop more than the neighboring Romanians. This is rather interesting, when one takes account that according to Eurostat, only 64% of the Bulgarian residents have access to internet. The index for Romanians is 72%. The data for online shopping in 2016 is also interesting. For Bulgaria – 17%, for Romania – only 12%. These are also the lowest values among all countries form the EU, the average index for which is 55% (among the population between 16 and 74 years).

Most online buyers are from Great Britain, followed by Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, France, Finland and Ireland. Citizens of the EU mostly buy clothes, sport equipment, products for home, books, travels tickets, computer equipment and e-books.

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