Launch of the VISA Labour Mobility Agency

The official launch of the cross-border labour mobility agency VISA as a new service of Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was announced today (September 27th, 2018) in a special press conference.

The CEO of the Chamber, Eleonora Ivanova, pointed out that the BRCCI introduces new type of services for the Bulgarian and Romanian employers, who are interested in recruiting staff from the neighboring country. By doing this, the Chamber extends the scope of its support to the Bulgarian and Romanian business, as well as to building a united and well-developed cross-border region. The functionality of the developed Visa Agency website was presented by the Agency’s councilors Desislava Pencheva and Georgi Georgiev.

The participants in the press conference were the first viewers of the film, which will promote the services of the Visa Agency through social networks and media in the cross-border region from November onwards. After the press conference, they were invited to look at the new office of the Agency on 12-14 Voyvodova str.

Another event marked the beginning of Visa Agency – the first coordination meeting of experts from the Bulgarian-Romanian network, working in the field of employment, with the support of which the Agency will provide services on specific labor mobility cases between Bulgaria and Romania.

The establishment of a licensed vocational training center with 10 professions was also announced, as well as an upcoming training in key competencies for jobseekers and employers in October: effective communication with colleagues and clients; communicating across borders; entrepreneurship at the workplace.

Because of the official opening of the Visa Agency, BRCCI’s CEO, Eleonora Ivanova, received a congratulatory address from the mayor of the Municipality of Ruse, Plamen Stoilov, which highlighted the positive effect of the new initiative on the Bulgarian and Romanian businesses, as well as the development of the relations between the countries in the cross-border region.

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