InOut Trade

InOut Trade

InOut Trade LTD is an exclusive partner of the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the field of courier services. The company has specialized in the development of courier and transport solutions for you and your business. They deliver shipments from and to every part of the world, but emphasis is put into supplying courier services on the territories of Bulgaria and Romania. All of that is possible, because of their carefully selected partners, which are among the most well established courier companies from both sides of the Danube Bridge – companies with highly satisfied customers, with big market shares and most versatile in terms of servicing physical and online traders. The company is the only partner of the Romanian SA Urgent Cargus for Bulgaria. InOut Trade also offers:

• Storage facilities in Ruse, aiming for equal delivery times to Bulgaria and Romania;
• Ready for use trading platforms/websites in Bulgarian and Romanian language, aiming to help you start your business idea for online sales quickly;
• Post-sale servicing of online stores in Romanian, Hungarian and, of course, Bulgarian;
• Deliveries of goods as a courier, transport or logistic service;
• Opportunity for deliveries with all kinds of payments – through bank or cash
• 24/7 monitoring of your shipments ;


Phone: +359 82 50 77 88


Detailed information about the company’s services can be found HERE.

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