Funding programme: Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013, EC ERDF

Project title: INNOBRIDGE – Establishment of a cross-border business innovation network

Short description:

General objectives:

• To contribute to the joint development of a sustainable socio-economic cross-border area with favorable image
• To bring together people, communities and economies to build an integrated cooperative area exploiting their innovation potential

Specific objective: To stimulate cross-border cooperation between universities, research institutes and businesses through development of a joint model for business innovation network and increase the capacity for a successful cooperation.

The project was designed to be concrete and focused entirely on stimulation of cross-border cooperation between universities, research institutes and businesses. The objective was achieved by implementing a specific 3-step approach for defining the different target groups and providing generic advice to the innovators depending on the stage of development of their idea; mentoring the most promising ideas and supporting the whole process for turning an idea into a real product/service. The whole action aimed at covering and addressing the needs of all the three groups of stakeholders and encourage them to join their efforts and cooperate.

For more information:

Period of implementation: September 2010 – February 2011

Partners: The Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Phone: +359 82 825875
Fax: +359 82 825873

The Center of Consultancy and Project Management – EUROPROJECT, Slatina
Phone: +40 249 410 994
Fax: +40 249 410 994

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