Increase of traffic on Danube Bridge 2

In 2017 there was an 18% traffic increase on “Danube Bridge 2” with almost 1 million vehicles, which have crossed it. This year, the total number of vehicles, which have passed through the bridge since its construction 5 years ago, is expected to reach 4million. According to engineer Lyubomir Nizamov, Director of the joint Bulgarian-Romanian company “Vidin-Calafat Danube Bridge” JSC, the increase in traffic is because of the renovation of the main road E79 between Vidin and Ruzhintsi, as well as the construction of bypass routes past Montana and Vratsa.

In general, the traffic on the bridge during July, August and September was the busiest, which is related to the summer holidays. During these months, the average daily traffic on the bridge was 3000 vehicles. Specifically for trucks, November was the most active month with an average of 1,600 trucks passing through the bridge every day in both directions.

For comparison, the traffic on the Ruse-Giurgiu Danube Bridge by the end of August 2017 was 1.37 million cars, which makes slightly more than 5700 vehicles per day, of which 2000 are freight trucks.

In addition to the increased traffic on Vidin-Calafat Bridge, the other good news is that the formation of truck queues at the border crossing point on Romanian territory is minimized. This is due to two reasons: the good organization of vehicle check-ups and the fact that the border authorities of the two countries have provided additional work shifts.

The bridge fee can be paid both in cash and with debit/credit card.

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