Growth in sales of Bulgarian foods

The consumption of dairy products in Bulgaria is almost entirely covered by Bulgarian production (over 90%). This is shown by the trend over the last five years. Also Bulgarian production satisfies up to 93% of the consumption of eggs, as well as about 63% of the consumption of beef. Fruit and vegetable production has grown by 28% compared to 2016.

Overall, Bulgarian food production has grown by 3% compared to last year. Increased domestic consumption leads to an increase in production, which in turn also has a positive effect on exports. The agro-food industry has been on a steady positive external trade balance since 2009. Last year alone, exports of food were 1.2 billion more than imports and the EU was the main destination.

It is important to note that Romania is among the markets for which more and more Bulgarian food products are exported. The Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry made its own contribution for that, when in May 2017 it organized a meeting between Bulgarian food producers and representatives of Romanian chain stores, in order to provide information on the steps Bulgarian companies had to take, so that they can successfully enter the Romanian food market.

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