Gradsko selo opens in Rousse on May 1-st

On May 1 2015 in Rousse it will open a unique for the city shop with pure, natural Bulgarian food for the family table. The store will offer selected products from small Bulgarian producers and farmers, supporters of the idea of “real” food and “clean” production – without chemicals, colorings and artificial additives.

In the store and through the online ordering system and free deliveries of Gradsko selo ( you will be able to try traditional Bulgarian foods:

– Seasonal fruits and vegetables – only those grown under natural conditions – grown under the sun, without fertilizer and unsprayed with chemicals.

– Milk products – yogurt and cheese – cow, sheep, buffalo, goats; yellow cheese, butter.

– Fresh Bulgarian meat.

– Delicate meats and appetizers.

– Homemade jams, pies, cakes and dishes in clay casseroles.

– Products from spelt.

– Fruit juices, flour, spices, nuts, dried fruit.

– Chocolates from real cocoa.

And many others.

The shop in Rousse is located on Skobelev blvd., near the central pedestrian area and it is easily accessible by car. The working hours are from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, on Saturday from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm.

Since February a Gradsko selo store also operates in Sofia, bul. Cherni vrah 86. Orders to door for Sofia and Rousse in the online system are free! The site also has an English version.

In the stores, customers can also pay cash-free. There are also organized corporate deliveries to Bucharest and Giurgiu, special discounts!

Contact information:

Phone: 0892220266


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