Why you should visit the forum “Steps to the Romanian consumer goods market”

The market in our northern neighbor poses many challenges for the Bulgarian companies, although it also has a great potential. Few are the Bulgarian products that can be found in the retail chains in Romania. That is why we in the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber focus efforts in this direction and we strive to build useful partnerships in support of our companies.

During the discussion forum “Steps to the Romanian consumer goods market” participants will receive practical information and market entry guides, based on already successful strategies, as well as feedback about where most companies fail and why they fail. They will be able to ask questions to their Romanian partners, who are currently working on the same market and get specific answers.

The idea of this event is to help you evaluate your own capabilities and readiness to enter the market, to encourage you to be more active, but also more patient, to act in accordance to a plan and in a focused manner, in order to make the most effective use of your resources.

We are waiting for you on March 27, at the Expo Hotel Panorama, 10.00 am! “


*A link to the program for event can be found here!

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