The programme for promoting investments in the reduction of environmental pollution abroad” of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB)

Main objectives of the programme:

To support environmental pilot projects which focus on “philosophy transfer” for effective climate protection, multiplier effects using cost-efficient model solutions for improving the environmental situation and increasing public acceptance of environmental protection.

Preconditions for envisaged project:

  1. Highest technological standards are used on a continual basis, which if possible, go beyond applicable environmental standards in the respective country.
  2. The project is a flagship project with an exemplary character for the same or similar follow-up projects.
  3. Research and development work (R&D) is complete.
  4. Technical implementation of the project has not yet started.


Enterprises, Municipalities and Municipal companies of the following countries – Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia.


A reduced-interest KfW loan is paid via the KfW on behalf of the BMUB by a credit institution (house bank) in the partner country. The KfW is an institution under German public law. It is responsible for project management.

Well-founded exceptional cases non-refundable grants are also possible. Payment of a non-refundable grant is made by the KfW on behalf of the BMUB.

Submission of application:

Applications must be sent in the national language and in German to the competent ministry (e.g. the environment ministry) in the respective country, with the request to forward the application and a position statement of the Ministry to the German Federal Environment Ministry in Berlin.


For more information:

  • winter@kfw.de
  • Or you can call:

Ms Cornelia Winter +49 228 831-7293

Ms Elisabeth Rothstein +49 228 831-8368

Mr Matthias von Zedlitz +49 228 831-7371

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