ENREG 6-8 March 2013 – the only trade fair for renewable energy and energy efficiency Romania-Ungaria-Serbia and Photovoltaic Platform Romania will take a place at Expo Arad International

ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA® is the only trade fair in Romania and in the region that brings together 3 countries’ interest for renewable energy: Romania, Hungary and Serbia. It is the biggest international trade fair and conference for renewable energy and energy efficiency in building and renovation that takes place annually in the euroregion Danube – Cris – Maros – Tisa and the west part of Romania, since 2009 at Expo Arad International.

As a cross section fair ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA® unites all ranges of the renewable energy and offers an optimal overview of the Romanian and international market. Get one step in front of your competitors! Build and maintain your network with REECO!


In 2012, 90 exhibitors were present at the event, coming from 12 countries. The marketing strategy of ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA® 2013 has an international focus, aiming to attract and retain experts from within Romania and key international markets as costumers. In 2013, international entrepreneurs coming from countries like Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary and Italy share an even more increased interest in participating at this multinational meeting platform.


The international conference of ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA® provides managers of energy transition with orientation, new knowledge and skills. It’s a unique platform for exchanging information and experience. In 2012 the conferences and workshops gathered in 3 days over 250 national and international participants, including participants from Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Serbia, Hungary, and the United States, California.

   Professional Networking Dinner

Professional Networking Dinner enables our clients to interact in an intimate yet relaxed environment. This is a priceless opportunity to meet company representatives, ask questions, and learn directly from professionals with experience in the renewable energy world.

   Joint Booths

The country joint booths offer German and Hungarian companies a great opportunity to make their innovative products and processes widely known amongst the international business community in Romania. You can also be a part of this challenge; it is very simple!

   The REECO Family

The REECO Family is a powerful engine for future markets; the expansion strategy on emerging markets in Eastern and Central Europe should be followed up. The strong linkage of the REECO-Events offers exhibitors the possibility to establish itself on new markets through familiar structures.

   Business Matching

With the business matching service you get an ideal method to seek out potential new professional partners and suppliers. We connect your business with a trusted source, provider or supplier. The main benefit of this service is establishing a level of trust, reliance and integrity.

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