Ecofol AD Joined BRCCI

Ecofol AD is a leading producer of liquid fertilizers, biostimulators and specialized soil fertilizers for a modern, efficient and sustainable agriculture. For 30 years they have been an excellent solution for extracting the maximum potential from agricultural cultures and overcoming stressful situations for the plants – both in Bulgaria and abroad.

Ecofol’s technology which uses molecules lactic acid molecules as a chelating agent, is unique and has been awarded a WIPO Gold Medal.

Their product range includes several series of fertilizers for foliar application, fertilization and hydroponics: Lactofol®, Amino Expert®, Helasol®, Aktisol®, GO! Bio. The company is able to produce quickly and efficiently a variety of personalized products according to the specific needs of the customer.

EcoFol AD is a licensed AdBlue manufacturer.

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