E-vignettes will be bought online

People will be able to buy e-vignettes online and their price won’t be changed. This will be made possible via specific POS terminals and via the filling stations. Weekend vignettes will also be available.

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works informs, that 500 POS terminals and 50 mobile scales are planned to be installed for the implementation of the e-vignette and toll systems in Bulgaria. Moreover, 100 mobile devices and 50 vehicles will be purchased for monitoring the traffic in the country. There will also be traffic cameras, GPS systems and modern software, which will help with the implementation of an effective traffic control.

Which roads are covered by the toll system and how that system will be priced will be determined by the time summer comes. The implementation of the toll system and the income it generates will speed up the construction and repairing of roads from the republican road network, which in the long run is the sustainable policy in the road sector.

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