Decisions of the General Assembly of BRCCI

On May 30th 2017, in the city of Ruse, there was a General Assembly of the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. More than 40 companies attended, which were members of the Chamber. The following decisions, based on the agenda, were taken after voting unanimously:

1. The report of the Managing Board for BRCCI’s activities, from the time of the previous General Assembly in 2014 until now, was approved.
2. The proposal of the Managing Board for the Chamber’s budget for the period 2017-2018 was approved.
3. Nikolay Kostadinov Kostadinov – representative of Alena Trading OOD, was dismissed as a member of the Control Council. Svetlozar Georgiev Dimitrov – representative of Inout Trade OOD, was appointed to replace him and perform the functions of a member of the Council until the end of the Council’s mandate in November 21st 2018.
4. The membership of BRCCI in the following two associations was agreed upon: Pro Danube International with a main office in Austria and European Federation of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce with a main office in Switzerland.
5. The following changes in BRCCI’s Statute were accepted:

– the previous p.10 of art. 20 becomes p.13 of art. 23 – the authority to make decisions about the membership in other organizations is transferred from the General Assembly to the Managing Board;

– art. 21, paragraph 10 is supplemented with the text of art. 24, paragraph 4 – as regards to the silent agreement of taking non-attendance decisions in the General Assembly when a signed protocol is not sent back by the respective member in 7 days after its receiving;

– art. 25, paragraph 3 is being précised – as regards to the authority of the deputy chairman to substitute for the chairman of the Control Council when the latter is absent, but also on other occasions, determined by a decision of the Managing Board;

– p.9, art. 23 is being supplemented – it is distinctly stated that it’s within the authority of the Managing Board to choose deputy chairman/s.

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