Project DANTE was presented as part of “Real people. Real stories!”

DANTE was presented through interviews with the target groups – what are their needs, what challenges are standing before them in their everyday life or work process and how can DANTE help them.

Representatives of Romanian and Hungarian economic entities – real users of the river – point out the need for identifying the problems and finding adequate solutions to them. They are of the opinion, that what is needed are effective administrative transportation procedures for passenger and cargo on the river, modernization of the entire Danube transport system and usage of contemporary, simplified and harmonized tools for reporting of barriers, which would help decrease the bureaucratic obstacles standing before the people, who are interested in navigation on the river. That way, tourism can be developed, while passengers and staff will be happy with the time saved from administrative procedures.

On the other hand, institutions, connected with the navigation on the Danube, also welcome the application of the most contemporary solutions, which support the sector in implementing the correct barrier reporting in the name of a safe and transparent river transport. They are convinced that DANTE can offer solutions that will reap many benefits for the water transport along the Danube and strengthen its position in the global transport network.

Partners about DANTE:

The President of Pro Danube International, Alexandru Capatu, says that the administrative procedures and associated charges for the transport of cargo and passengers on the Danube and its navigable tributaries, stemming from the diversity of the laws of each of the Danube countries, are enormous obstacles to the full and effective use of this major European transport infrastructure. In this sense, DANTE is an important step towards reducing and eliminating the most important administrative barriers to shipping in an internationally coordinated way.

The Director General of the Secretariat of the Danube Commission, Petar Margic, defines the Danube River as a unique and valuable resource with enormous potential, which has to be developed with the help of the Danube Commission’s institutional framework. That is why, due to the great importance of DANTE, the Commission joins such a project as an active partner for the first time.

Manfred Seitz, Pro Danube International’s Secretary General, focuses on the Transnational Administrative Barriers Reporting Tool that was set up within the project to provide people, interested in navigation on the Danube, with opportunities to report administrative barriers they have collided with, as well as pointing out their good impressions. This first project outcome will help with achieving the set goals of eliminating existing barriers and ensuring smooth and unhindered management and use of the river.

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