DANTE has been chosen to be part of a pilot project of the Danube Transnational Programme

The Joint Secretariat of the Danube Transnational Programme has initiated a pilot project called “Real People – Real Stories”. The goal is to introduce the projects, which will be a part of it, through interviews with their respective target groups – what are their needs, what challenges are they facing in their everyday life/work process and how can these projects help them.

Seeing as there are already tangible results from project DANTE (an online platform, dedicated to collecting opinions from the users of the inland waterways), this could be a chance for the project to reach an even bigger audience, to demonstrate what it does and how does it help the inland waterway transport.

Earlier this year, DANTE was awarded with the status “EUSDR Strategic Project”, which shows the importance of the project, as well as its successful progress, which is a result of the coordinated efforts of the countries from the Danube region.

About Author: brcci