Changes in the legal framework of Bulgaria, in effect since January 2018

On the first day of the new year the following changes took effect in Bulgaria:


The amount of the benefits

New retirement requirements are already in effect. In the most ubiquitous case for third category of labor, the requirement for women is to be at least 61 years and 2 months of age and their length of service to be 35 years. For men, the age requirement is 64 years and 1 month and for length of service – 38 years and 6 months.

The insurance contribution to the Pensions Fund is increased by one percentage point, of which (1 percentage point) 0,56 is at the expense of the insurer and 0,44 at the expense of the insured person.

The Minimum Social Security Income (MSSI) by main economic activities and qualified groups of occupations increases on average by about 6.8%.

The minimum monthly amount of the insured income for the self-insured persons is 510 BGN. The differentiated minimum monthly amount of the insured income for the self-insured persons, in accordance with their taxable income, is abolished.

The minimum monthly amount of the insured income for registered farmers and tobacco growers is increased from 300 to 350 BGN.

The minimum monthly wage is increased from 460 to 510 BGN.

The minimum daily amount of the unemployment benefit is increased from 7.20 to 9 BGN and a maximum amount is set at 74.29 BGN.

The possibility of obtaining a temporary unemployment benefit after termination of employment is waived.

The requirements for entitlement to unemployment benefits are changed. A right to receive them will be granted only to those individuals, for which contributions to the Unemployment Fund are paid or are due to be paid at least for 12 from the last 18 months before termination of the insurance.


Child benefits

The amount of the benefit for raising a young child from one to two years of age is increased from 340 to 380 BGN.

Access to child benefits is expanded. The amount of the monthly allowances for raising one child in the family is 40 BGN, for two children – 90 BGN, for three children – 135 BGN, for four children – 145 BGN, and for each additional one – 20 BGN are added.

The average monthly income, which gives the right to child benefits, increases from 400 to 450 BGN.


New vignette

The quarterly vignette is already available. The price of the sticker is 54 BGN. A new rule has also been implemented, according to which the annual vignette will be valid for 12 months from the date of its purchase, and not as it has been before – until January 31st of the following year.


New rules when registering a car

One of the main changes is to set a precise date for the car to be registered with the Traffic Police after the purchase. This should happen within one month after the deal is concluded. If the deadline is not met, the new owner will be fined. Then there will be another month in which to register the car. If this deadline is also not met, there will be an official termination of the registration and the car will not be able to be driven on the roads.

There is an implemented relief – the buyer of a car will not be obliged to carry a contract for the purchase of the vehicle when registering with Traffic Police. The information will now be exchanged officially between traffic police and the notary, before whom the transaction was confessed.

According to data from Traffic Police, this will relieve about 350 000 people a year.


The highway between Dimitrovgrad and Nis will be paid

To cross the highway between Dimitrovgrad and Nis in Serbia, 190 Serbian dinars (approximately 3.15 BGN) will be paid in one direction for a car. Fees can be paid in cash in BGN and in euro as well as by bank card.


Changes in the work of the administration

The Registry Agency will administer the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities. New functionalities will be added to the Commercial Register, through which the non-profit legal entities will be able to submit documents. The register will be a common electronic database, containing the circumstances registered under the law and the acts declared under the law for the traders and branches of foreign traders, the non-profit legal entities and the branches of foreign non-profit legal entities. Its new name is the Commercial Register and Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities.  It makes it possible for Non-Profit Legal Entities to submit documents to each office of the Registry Agency, regardless of their headquarters and address of management. Documents will be able to be submitted from anywhere in the world electronically with a valid electronic signature.


New regulatory acts

The new Concessions Act enters into force. The main changes are related to the term of the concessions – they will not be awarded for more than 35 years, and possible extensions will be allowed for an additional 12 years. Outside this law are concessions for mineral waters, underground natural resources and sea beaches.

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