How to double your business in record time?

You can get the answer to that question only if you visit the free lecture of the long-time business coach, consultant and BRCCI partner, Alexander Nikolov, on 20.09.2018 in Bucharest.

The lecture we’re inviting you to is for the small business owners in the Bucharest region with the goal of helping them attract more clients and increasing their revenue.

Alexander has learned from the world’s top business and personal development coaches and has worked for 4 years side by side with leading American business mentor Ms. Fabien Fredrickson, the owner of a multi-million dollar business. Alexander also has a successful 6-digit business that continues to grow at a fast pace every year. It has already helped hundreds of business owners in Bulgaria double their business in record time. He also successfully trained small business owners in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Australia.

What distinguishes Alexander from other business coaches is that he focuses only on working with small-business owners. Within this training, Alexander Nikolov will give you the best of the most successful strategies on how to attract more customers and expand your business. The training is 90 minutes long and at the end you will have the opportunity to ask a question and get a concrete answer with practical steps you can take immediately. The working language of the training is English.

We are glad that we can share this useful information with you and hopefully with your help it will also reach other small business owners in Bucharest and the region.

You can find details about the event here:

To participate, you only need to register for free at the above link.

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