Bulgarian-Romanian Children’s Fund with a Program for 2018

At the end of 2016, the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry initiated the establishment of a fund to support various joint activities of Bulgarian and Romanian children and young people. The aim of the fund is to support various joint activities for children from the two neighboring countries in the fields of education, health, culture, sport, etc.

As it is known, there are no geographical boundaries, language barriers or limitations for the imagination of children. The planned initiatives to gather and support the children, let them communicate, learn, have fun together, create friendships and at the same time get to know the neighboring state, are based precisely on that idea.

The main program of events, that we will organize in 2018 with the support of the fund, is almost ready and will be presented on the Chamber’s website, on social networks, and at our Christmas celebration on December 16th. The first joint initiative will be at the end of February, when children will come together to create martenitsas together – an old tradition that is celebrated today in both countries. There will be more meetings and creative activities, summer academy, year-round online contest.

Together with everyone who supports us, children from Bulgaria and Romania are also, in a way, becoming “donors” of the fund, as they will participate in a dance, song or instrumental performance as part of the Chamber’s Christmas Celebration, as well as create Christmas decorations and other gifts that guests will be able to buy during the celebration.

If you also want to join our initiative with suggestions, ideas, sponsorship or to promote it, please contact us.

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