Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry adds BMK Holding to its members

The company is located in Southeast Bulgaria, in the town of Haskovo. The factory was established in 1969 and is one of the first dairy companies in Bulgaria. For almost 50 years this plant produces various types of dairy products (yogurt 2%, 3% and 5% fats based on an old Bulgarian recipe produced from cow’s milk and culture, typical white cheese and classic yellow cheese, some years ago they also started to manufacture products with vegetable fats such as white hard cheese in brine and soft cheese Danish type). Nowadays, the production capacity is approximately 220,000 liters of raw milk per day. After 2007 the company started selling their products in the European Union and beyond and has very good success with white cheese, yellow cheese and butter. The company’s long experience in the dairy industry proves that their products meet the European requirements and are good enough for the local market. Today they cooperate with the following countries: Moldova, Israel, Cyprus, Spain, Romania, England, Lebanon, Greece, Czech Republic, Netherlands and they have established their own network of bases in the country and a good dealer network. After 2014 they entered the Romanian market through their subsidiary BMK Lact Food. They work with most of the big retailers and the major distributors.

Website: http://bmk.bg/

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