Bulgarian export to EU increases its growth

According to the preliminary data of the National Statistical Institute, the export of Bulgaria to countries of the EU increased during the end of last year in comparison to previous months. The data excerpt shows that in November of 2016 the export had increased by 12.8% compared to November of 2015. The increase is mainly because of products such as chemicals (biodiesel and its derivatives), cereals (such as wheat), machine parts etc. Tobacco products are also among the ones, whose export has increased – 27.7% in quantity.

The three main export destinations for Bulgaria in November 2016 are Germany (2.9 billion euro), followed by Italy (2 bill. euro) and Romania (1.9 bill. euro). Romania is firmly placed and maintains the third position as one of the most popular export destinations for Bulgarian goods. The increase to this country is also one of the largest on a yearly basis – 6.9% (174 million euro as a total sum). The only increase, which is bigger, is towards Germany – 15.1% (289 million euro as a total sum).

About Author: brcci