Bulgaria and Romania will be looking into the possibility for building a new bridge on the river between Ruse and Giurgiu

The Bulgarian Council of Ministers approved a “Protocol for the amendment and supplement of the Memorandum between the governments of Bulgaria and Romania for in-depth research on the potential development of new bridge infrastructure on the Danube river”, which was signed on October 28th 2014 in Bucharest, Romania.  The document will serve as a basis for new negotiations between the two Governments.

The analysis shows a significant increase of automobile traffic through the bridge between Ruse and Giurgiu as well as the stock exchange on the trans-European transport network Rhein-Danube.

The existing infrastructure was first open for exploitation over 60 years ago and its technical capabilities do not contribute to significant traffic mitigation. Due to its long exploitation an infrastructure rehabilitation and traffic cease will be necessary. This leads to significant traffic jams, infrastructure overload and other challenges. The building of new infrastructure between Ruse and Giurgiu will significantly ease traffic, it will lower the negative effects on the environment and there will be a positive economic impact for both countries. 

With the signing of the Protocol both countries manifest their support for research activities regarding the building of the new bridge, which will set the basis for transport network increase and the strengthening of economic activities. At the same time it is a clearly expressed willingness to improve the transport network in the region. Support for the new infrastructure building has been coordinated with local and regional authorities on both sides of the border.


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