Bulgaria – Europe’s textile workshop

According to the French TV and radio channel francetvinfo.fr, Bulgaria is about to become the leading country in Europe’s textile industry. The number of people, working in this branch of the economy, is over 30 000.

The textile industry in the southern part of the country is more developed. The biggest manufacturing power and capacity for textile production and processing is situated there. Many leading European companies use them for creating some of their products (mainly middle and high class clothing).

According to the French channel, the reason why Bulgaria is one of the leaders in the production of textile goods is because of the cheap labor. An example is given with one of the biggest factories in the country, where 5000 items are produced daily.

Bulgarian goods are not only competitive because of the quality, but because of the price as well, since the average salary of the workers is 230 euro per month, even less than the salaries in the same sector in China.

An example price is given for a certain item of clothing – a quality pair of pants can be manufactured in Bulgaria for 15 euro and then sold for 150 euro in France.

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