Bulgaria and Romania will develop three new projects for a new bridge over the Danube

Three important infrastructure projects for a new bridge over the Danube River will be developed by the governments of Bulgaria and Romania. That announcement was made at a joint press-conference, which took place at the “Euxinograd” palace in Varna on October 3rd 2017. The projects would help increase the transport connectivity between both countries and would also be useful for the European Union. That’s why the Bulgarian prime-minister Boyko Borisov and his Romanian colleague Mihai Tudose are of the opinion, that it would be easy to attract investors.

The first project is for a new Danube bridge near Ruse. It would allow for the relief of traffic between the two countries, which is pretty intense. The second project is for a bridge between Nikopol and Turnu Magurele. In the initial stages, a bridge, a railway and a high-speed road are planned to be built there. The third location, which is considered for the building the bridge, is Silistra-Calarasi. The Romanian prime-minister also gave the idea for the building of a highway between Constanta, Varna and Burgas, which would be more than 200 km long.

The Romanian prime-minister was certain that the building of infrastructure should be in response to what the country actually needs and shouldn’t be built if it won’t be useful. According to him, these projects will make Bulgaria and Romania more competitive in Europe and will present a good opportunity for attracting investments. He also thinks that discussions on a government level should be done every month, especially considering the proximity between both countries.

Besides the announcement of common infrastructure projects, the two prime-ministers also signed five intergovernmental agreements, one of which is for the urgent delivery of electric energy, if the need arises.

Earlier the same day, Boyko Borisov and Mihai Tudose participated in the opening of the new border checkpoint Kaynardzha-Lipnitsa. The project was funded with 6 million euro by the EU Programme Interreg V-A Bulgaria-Romania 2007-2013. A 17 km road was built on the Bulgarian side, which connects the Bulgarian territory with the Romanian municipal center of Lipnitsa.

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