Bucharest is on its way of becoming a tech center of the Balkans

The Romanian capital is becoming a more and more attractive workplace not only for Romanian, but for foreign IT specialists as well. The city combines high salaries in the sector with low costs of living and high-speed internet.

The information technology specialists earn up to five times more than the average salary in the country. The entry salary of a junior developer can start at around 700 euro while senior developers can earn as much as 3500 euro. Any given salary in Bucharest is equal to approximately six times bigger salary in London when one takes into account the rental prices in both cities, as well as the costs of living in general. Renting a one-bedroom apartment near the city center costs around 350 euro per month, which is much cheaper than the prices in West Europe.

Also, many leading technology companies have offices in Bucharest – IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, EA and Adobe are only part of the companies from the IT sector, which operate in the city.

The Romanian capital also has traditions with organizing various IT forums. One of the biggest cyber-security conferences – DefCamp – takes place there every year. Another yearly conference is How To Web, which gathers big companies, investors and technology fans. Some events for developers and designers are also organized. They allow for the discussion of new potential cooperative projects and exchange of ideas. Such events are TechHub, ImpactHub and ConnectHub.

As a whole, the technology sector in Romania is the second most important one for their economy, after the automotive industry, and composes approximately 6% of the GDP.

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