Bulgarian-Romanian Children’s Fund supported the initiative “Healthy and tasty”

Bulgarian-Romanian Children’s Fund, which is an initiative of the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, participated in the campaign with its own stand, where many healthy and tasty products were offered. Our staff introduced the children and their parents to some tasty foods and healthy habits, which would help make their lifestyle healthier. Among the offered products were aronia honey, cinnamon and ginger honey, sugar free bubblegum, which is good for the teeth, aroma candles with a therapeutic effect, bilingual (Bulgarian and Romanian) booklets with healthy recipes etc. Many interesting activities and competitions were organized for the kids: drawing, coloring, puzzle and riddle solving, racing while holding a spoon with a lemon, bowling etc.

The Fund’s stand attracted parents and children of different age, which were very interested of our healthy offers and the various fun activities which had organized for them.

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