BRCCI started the year with a new project – DANTE

Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry starts the new 2017 with a new project: Dante – Improving Administrative Procedures and Processes for Danube IWT. The project is realized with the financial support of the Danube Transnational Programme 2014-2020, and it lasts 30 months. Project partners are over 20 organizations and companies from 10 countries and the total value of the project is 1,986,786 Euro.

The administrative obstacles and the related charges in the logistics of goods and passengers along the Danube River and its navigable tributaries are the main obstacles to large-scale and efficient use of the Danube as a major transport axis of the region. The existence of these barriers reduces the economic and ecological potential, economic growth and social assistance throughout the region.

Tackling, mitigating and eliminating the most important administrative barriers in a coordinated and transnational integrated way is the main purpose of the project. This will lead to better management of this environmentally friendly European central transport infrastructure and reduction of logistics costs of major industries depending on water transport for their competitiveness globally.

Dante will function as a smart network of stakeholders supported by EUSDR / PA1A and the corresponding important national stakeholders in ensuring better conditions for inland waterways.

Specific project objectives:
– Harmonised regulations and simplifying of the administrative processes of the transport and transshipment (the concept of “the same river, same rules’). DANTE partners will collect and analyze the barriers at national level, they will structure them in the consolidated accounts, they will offer solutions and will discuss them with competent authorities at national and international level.
– Reduction of time lost and costs arising from the inefficient administrative regulations and processes that generate unnecessary financial burdens for businesses. This will be achieved in the joint meetings with the public authorities in order to develop and implement a simplified administrative procedures and processes for operations to waterways. DANTE will systematically introduce procedures for stakeholder consultation in laws and regulations of public administration that are relevant to the waterways.
– Strengthening the competitive position of companies using the Danube river and its navigable tributaries in their supply chains and to support economic growth and job creation in the region by increasing the efficiency of public administration.

The monitoring system for the collection of user experience (supported by online tool) will be a key element for successful implementation of the project. DANTE facilitates the work of EUSDR PA1a and is recognized by the EC / DG MOVE as part of efforts to reduce administrative barriers in the transport sector. Dante actively involves the Danube Commission and also functions as a platform related joint efforts of DC & EC.

DANTE focuses on five thematic areas which are:
– Border Police, Customs and Taxes
– Navigation / bodies for traffic control
– Port authorities / administrations
– Water and sewage administrations
– Other relevant authorities to impose barriers (eg health monitoring, disaster management, etc.)

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