Bulgarian-Romanian Business Forum took place in Bucharest

A Bulgarian-Romanian Business Forum was conducted in Bucharest, Romania, on June 29th 2017. More than 100 organizations from both countries, among which was Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, took part in the event. It was organized by the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association. The event’s goal was to strengthen the links and business relationships between Bulgaria and Romania.

Many individuals participated in the event, among which were the president of the Republic of Bulgaria – Mr. Rumen Radev, the president of the Republic of Romania – Mr. Klaus Iohannis, Mr. Vasil Velev – Chairman of the Managing Board of BICA (co-organizer of the event), Mr. Stamen Yanev – Executive Director of the InvestBulgaria Agency, Mr. Ivaylo Marinov – General Secretary and Head of the Commercial and Economic Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Bucharest, Mr. Rosen Rusev – member of the Control Council of BRCCI and Honorary Citizen of Ploiesti, as well as many other important individuals.

Speeches were given by the two presidents. The Romanian president expressed Romania’s interest in Bulgaria’s machine-building and tourism, while at the same time stating that Bulgaria can benefit from Romania’s experience in the IT sector. The Bulgarian president, on the other hand, talked about Bulgaria’s economic indicators and proclaimed that everything possible is being done, in order to make the country an attractive destination for investments. The European Union’s strategy for the Danube region was also mentioned, as well as Romania and Bulgaria’s common projects regarding the development of the river – building new bridges, modernizing ports etc. Exactly in this area is one of the projects, which BRCCI is currently working on.

Presentations for the development of the business environment in both countries were given as well. Mr. Stamen Yanev – Executive Director of the InvestBulgaria Agency, gave the presentation on Bulgaria’s behalf, while InvestRomania gave the presentation on Romania’s behalf.

Another meeting is planned – this time in Sofia, where the most often occurring problems, concerning the implementation of different common projects can be discussed in more detail and coordinated decisions can be reached.

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