Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry joined Pro Danube International Austria

We are extremely happy to announce, that we are now part of the members of Pro Danube International (PDI) as a result of a Decision of the Managing Board of Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was made during the General Assembly in May of 2017. PDI is an organization, which represents a network of private enterprises, working to achieve better infrastructure and services along the Danube in order to make a more intensive use of the environmentally friendly inland waterway.

The PDI was established in 2011 as a Romanian-Austrian initiative, gradually shifting its regional focus and turning to companies and associations from across the entire Danube Region. Among the members of the organization are: Pro Danube Austria, the Association of Ship-owners and River Operators in Romania (AAOPFR), the Association of Port Operators of Constanta (Romania), the Hungarian Ship Federation, Bulmarket Harbor (Bulgaria), carriers and operators from Germany, the Netherlands etc.

Currently, Pro Danube International is representing the “Danube Business” in the political debate regarding transport policy, transport technologies and regional development. The organization focuses on integrating and strengthening activities, which would help in creating a more favorable policy framework, improving waterway infrastructure and encouraging investment in ports, the fleet, as well as maritime and logistics staff.

The Chair of the Managing Board of Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mrs. Eleonora Ivanova, was invited and will participate in the annual General Assembly of Pro Danube International, which would take place on March 16th in Vienna, Austria. Official guests and speakers of the event will be the Minister of Transport of Austria, the Deputy Chairperson of the Committee on Mobility and Transport at the European Commission, the Deputy Minister of Transport of Serbia, the Chief Executive Officer of the Port Administration of Constanta, the Executive Director of the Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River – Ruse, Bulgaria, etc.

The meeting will continue with an activity report by Pro Danube International for 2017 and a presentation of the 2018 program to the members of the PDI network – representatives of associated organizations, companies and ship-owners’ associations, domestic carriers, port operators from Austria, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and others.

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