BRCCI introduced the Bulgarian president to some of the problems it’s working on

During the Bulgarian-Romanian Business Forum, which was conducted on June 29th 2017 in Bucharest, Romania, Mr. Rumen Radev, president of the Republic of Bulgaria, said that he and his staff will look over some problems, which are of national importance to Bulgaria. Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BRCCI), through the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA), alerted the president to some of the problems it has been working on.

1. Going through the border checkpoint between Bulgaria and Romania at the Ruse-Giugiu Bridge – BRCCI has been following this subject for several years now. The last letter, in which we summarized and systematized the most essential problems to be solved, was sent on June 17th 2017 to a wide range of institutions and stakeholders. In it, we asked for the establishment of an inter-department commission with the participation of the business-associations and the Romanian control institutions, which would initiate and coordinate concrete measures in this direction.

2. Unfavorable conditions for shipping in the Bulgarian part of the Danube due to the presence of critical areas – BRCCI is partnered with 28 institutions and organizations from the Danube states, among which are the Danube Commission, the Romanian Ministry of Transport, as well as many shipping associations and pier structures on the Danube. The last few weeks were filled with many events dedicated to the river and one serious problem was addressed multiple times – the shallows in the Bulgarian part of the Danube.

We are expecting feedback about the presented problems.

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