Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry adds Pomona Fruit LTD to its members

Pomona Plod LTD was established in the beginning of 2017 and is engaged in the cultivation of different varieties of fresh and frozen apricots, cherries and plums, their harvesting, sorting and preparation for sale not only in Bulgaria, but also in the markets of the countries of Europe. Their aim is to extend the business activities with reliable partners.

Part of the company’s activities include the drying of fruits and vegetables and their retail sale, as well as the production of vegetables and fruits in greenhouses and orchards. The fruits that they offer are of high quality. The location choice is an important factor of the company’s philosophy – they choose gardens, situated in the best areas of the country, where the geographical location and climate are favorable for the cultivation of fruits.

Pomona Plod LTD has the intention of exporting its production to countries in the EU, as well as outside of it. The company offers high quality services and responds accordingly to all customer requirements about the sorting and packaging of fruits.

E-mail: pomona_fruit@abv.bg

About Author: brcci