Boian Natural Resources SRL has joined BRCCI

Boian Natural Resources SRL is a family business started up by Natalia Cuznetova and Valentin Boian in late 2016 to liaise between remote located small size traditional producers and fast growing new families from metropolitan area of Bucharest. The business eventually become a life style for Natalia and Valentin, which are using their knowledge, skills and hobbies to grow the business. Weekend family trips are now opportunities to discover beautiful landscapes, taste local cuisine, meet traditional producers and set-up agreements. And children’s preferences are becoming important criteria in selecting the suppliers.

Since the launching date, the average daily sales increased three times mainly by organic growth, proved by the high customers retention rate of over 90%. The company sells through two main channels: retail shop and e-commerce platform. The supply base has extended slowly to 35 local producers distributed country wide, and by the value of monthly acquisitions Boian Natural Resources SRL is granting in average the minimum economy wage for each of them. The company is fostering an agile management system, with reduced overhead spend, being thus able to react promtly to market needs. The main commercial success relates to the revenue management. For half of the suppliers, Boian Natural Resources has identified and promoted at least one product in Top 20 more profitable rank, having thus a total revenue evenly generated by all suppliers.

The growth business plan includes the Bulgarian market as well, the company being equally interested in Bulgarian products and customers. The objective is to consolidate the business profile, of a reliable supplier of high quality traditional products straight to the end-consumer, offering a great variaty of tastes with significant geographical flavour. The business will become more relevant for its niche clients once adding into the portofolio products from both sides of river Danube, Carpathians along the Balkans, and a mutual Black Sea shore line.

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