BestWater Bulgaria Ltd. joins Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

 BestWater Bulgaria Ltd. is an exclusive representative of the German BestWater International GmbH, which from 29 years offer on the market innovative systems for drinking water purification. The company has developed unique molecular filtration systems for households, restaurants and industrial premises that provide an optimized purification and energizing of the water. So the tap water becomes highly active and crystal clear water, with properties close to the spring water.

BestWater is a system for purification, storage and consumption of water, based on the principle of reverse osmosis. By using this model it is possible to eliminate up to 99% of the substances precipitated in the water – for example causative agents of diseases, bacteria, heavy metals, residues of drugs, radioactive substances, etc. Through one of a kind combination of different elements, the harmful particles are separated and the purified water receives energy charge of water from arteziev spring.

BesWater is the first company in the world that creates a module for restructuring of water. According to Dr. Masuro Emoto in its natural state the water forms groups of molecules (clusters) that have the effect of magnetic tape – they can record and carry information and energy. Entering however in the plumbing instigation under pressure 6.8 or 10 atmospheres, making unusual in the nature 90 degree turns, these clusters are broken and the water is out of its natural state. Through 12 levels which contain zeolite, shungites, amethyst, rock crystal, Caribbean sand, etc. BestWater regains the primary structure of the water. Thus the highly purified and energized water has healthy and regulating influence on the human body.

BestWater offers a 30 year warranty on the domestic models filtration systems and insurance 24/365 against the flow of the system for a period of 30 years. All linkages are without adhesives and plasticizers; all items are produced only in Germany. The company has 24 quality certificates, including a certificate of I.U.T. – Institute for Environmental Protection, which proves that the filter systems BestWater purify radioactive water (contaminated with cesium 137) to 99.7%.

The company maintains a range of 14 models – from small filter machines with a capacity of 50 to 150 liters per day, through systems for large family and small restaurants with a capacity of up to 1.7 liters per minute or up to 2,500 liters per day, to industrial filters with production of 6000 to 27,000 liters a day. It can be made a whole treatment plant – the last was produced for a small village in Germany with a population of 4,000 people.

BestWater technology has many positive effects on health:

  • – increases personal comfort, balances energy levels in the household, takes care of health;
  • – improves efficiency within everyday life, whether at work or during sport;
  • – drinkable water with checked quality for the whole family; provides delicious food and beverages; It is a sturdy product, free from bacteria, suitable to be used as food for babies and for preparation of organic food;
  • – provides soft water without lime scale for the household, as well as appliances using water;
  • – highest possible quality for pets, water animals and plants.




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