A record for recycling in Bulgaria for 2016

187 000 tons of waste have been recycled the previous year. In that regard, Bulgaria is a leader and the other Balkan countries are showing an interest in Bulgarian companies and factories for waste recycling. 86 municipalities will take part in the Ecopack’s system for separate collection of waste and packaging. The new containers will be of the “igloo” type, since their capacity is bigger.

The municipalities, who are doing the best job at waste recycling, are Svilengrad and Burgas. In Svilengrad there is a successful program for separate waste collection “from door to door”. The municipality has a special program for protecting the environment 2014-2020. People who practice separate waste collection pay lower taxes and those who don’t are being sanctioned. Burgas is in the lead in terms of cleanliness, waste collection, incentives and sanctions. The other cities are lagging behind, including the capital, where the company covers six regions.

At the same time, there is one successful project for separate collection in the HoReCa sector. A regular specialized transport collects the waste from the restaurants in the capital’s neighborhoods “Mladost” and “Studentski grad”.

2,5 million leva were invested in an installation for sorting glass by color in the village of Ravno Pole. During this year, 1,1 million leva will be invested in building an installation for the sorting of plastic and paper in Sofia.

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