3 members of BRCCI take part in FOOD AND DRINK OF SUNNY BULGARIA

Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCCI) is pleased to invite you to attend a presentation and tasting of Bulgarian products “FOODS AND BEVERAGES OF SUNNY BULGARIA” whose XIII-edition will be held on November 19, 2015 from 12.00 in Marshal Garden hotel, Bucharest, Calea Dorobantilor 50B.

The event is organized by the Office of Trade and Economic Affairs at the Embassy of Bulgaria in Romania. There, more than 30 Bulgarian producers will present their products, as three companies are members of BRCCI.

Gradsko selo is a company that offers wholesale and retail Bulgarian natural and organic foods, prepared according to traditional recipes, without artificial additives and preservatives. They have on-line ordering system and supply incl. the city of Bucharest, as well as shops in the towns of Rousse and Sofia.

On their booth during the exhibition you can try:
– Dairy products: Bulgarian white cheese and yogurt made from fresh cow, goat, sheep and buffalo milk; cheese
– Different types of delicious and healthy bread with yeast
– Homemade pastries
– Pure honey, homemade jams
– Natural juices and cold tea from fresh fruits and herbs
– Dried fruit
– Traditional Bulgarian spices

For more information and contacts:

Site: www.gradskoselo.bg

Phone: +359 888211835

E-mail: info@gradskoselo.bg

Nisovo winery specializes in the production of quality white, rose and red wines. Wines Winery Nisovo you can find in the best restaurants and retail shops as well as their company owns stores in Rousse, Sofia, Varna and Silistra.

On their booth during the exhibition you will be able to try a variety of wines from the assortment of the winery.

For more information and contacts:

Site: www.wineunion.eu/bg/

Phone: +359 (887) 85 80 55

E-mail sales@wineunion.eu

Holding “Bella” (Bulgaria) gathers under one roof leading companies and brands, products and services that offer the best value for money. Its portfolio contains over 200 products manufactured under their own private brands and 14 processing plants.

On their booth during the exhibition you will be able to try a variety of products from the company’s portfolio.

For more information and contacts:

Site: www.bella.bg/

Phone: +359 (0)32 606 303

Е-mail: office@bella.bg

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